Keven Carney Wilder

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Realism from an Abstractionist's Point of View

I am interested in elements of nature as they verge into abstraction. I work primarily in oils in the studio and in gouache or pastels for quick sketches in the field. Using fragments of photographs, I develop the cropped image into a bold composition that is still rooted in figuration. I am drawn to the graphic abstract elements that can be found in nature. I prefer to use a square format because it forces the viewer to view the natural subject matter more abstractly.

The interplay between figure and ground relationships using forms found in nature intrigues me. The patterns and negative spaces of these depicted natural shapes compel me to render them in paint.

Manipulating the scale of the natural forms is also important to my work. The cropped photographic images I work from are often life-size, no larger than a few inches square, while in my paintings, these forms are blown up many times. Once 'supersized', these previously diminutive natural forms become iconic.



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